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Webmasters, this is your chance to capitalize on the explosive sales of the Super Jigglerâ„¢ self priming siphon pump. This product has True Mass Appeal.

Super Jigglerâ„¢ siphon pump makes it easy to transfer any kind of liquid from one source to another. The unique patented design is anti-static (won't spark), which makes it safe for transferring everything from gas, diesel, aircraft fuel, oils, etc.

This great new product has 100's of uses!!

Use to siphon gas from or into ATV's, snowmobiles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers, etc. Use at home to drain pools, fish tanks, sinks, waterbeds. Industrial uses include fuels, chemicals, antifreeze, any liquid up to thickness of 20 grade oil. Etc., etc.

WORKS LIKE MAGIC - Check our main page for more information.

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What does our affiliate program do for you? An affiliate program gives your website a partnership with an online advertiser, us. By joining our program, you can create links on your website directly to our website. You help us, the online merchant receive new business, while earning your own commission by creating Internet traffic and sales for us.

With no cost, affiliates can only gain revenue from this partnership. WIN - WIN for you. Our affiliate program pays you a 20% commission for each sale you generate, PLUS... when other people become affiliates through your link, you get paid 5% on all sales THEY generate!

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How It Works

Follow these 4 easy steps to get started.

1. Sign up for a webmaster account. (above link)
2. Get banners or text links to put on your site to generate sales.
3. Place the banners or text links on your site with your affiliate code.
4. Check stats to see the traffic and sales you have generated.

super siphon hose show pictureFrequently Asked Questions

How does your Affiliate Program work? When one of your visitors clicks on a banner, button, logo or text link, which you will place on your site, they will be transferred to our official web site. At the same time they will be giving a unique id number that will identify them as a visitor from your site. This enables us to track them, whenever they visit our site for up to 30 days.

What does it cost to join? Join for free, no start up costs, no inventory, no employees, no hassle.

How do I know if there is a transaction from my site? When you become our Affiliate Member, you will be assigned an affiliate ID number. This ID will gain you entry to your administration page. Here you will be able to view your statistics, get banners and linking code, or update your contact information.

How are transactions tracked and credited to me? All links from your site to ours, contain your site's unique Affiliate ID code so that every time a user visits our site, they will be assigned a cookie with your affiliate ID number. Be advised that with our customized affiliate software we assign a unique code to all visitors from your site. What this means is that even if they do not place an order on their first visit to our site and subsequently return at a later date (within 30 days), we will be able to give you credit for the transaction!

How much will I get paid? We pay you 20% on EACH sale you generate, PLUS... when other people become affiliates through your link, WE pay you 5% on all sales THEY generate forever!

When do I get paid? Payments are mailed to you upon your commissions reaching $25.00.

How can I change my Billing/Contact information? You can adjust or make changes to your contact information when you login to your affiliate administration. Each affiliate has their own admin area where they can update their personal details and view their statistics.


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