Super Jiggler™ Uses

The Safe and Easy Way to Transfer Any Liquid, in Any Application

The best way to siphon gas! Safely siphon gas and other fuel and liquids without getting a mouthful in the process. No more gas or fumes in your mouth. Not only does gas burn your mouth, the noxious vapors irritate your eyes, lips and throat for hours.

Our siphoning hose is an essential tool to carry for anyone on the road or back trails. Our Super Jiggler™ siphon hose does the sucking for you. At last, siphoning gas with your mouth is a thing of the past.

Super Jiggler™ copper siphon pump makes it easy to transfer any kind of liquid from one source to another. The unique patented design is anti-static (won't spark), which makes it safe for everything from aircraft fuel to water.

Use to siphon gas from or into ATV's, snowmobiles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, lawn mowers, etc. Use at home to drain pools, fish tanks, sinks, waterbeds. Industrial uses include fuels, chemicals, antifreeze, any liquid up to thickness of 20 grade oil. It's a very Simple Siphon to Use!

100's of uses for Super Jiggler™

Use for getting emergency water from storage tanks or streams or emergency gas with Super Jiggler™ and an empty gas can - refuel cars, trucks, RV's, lawnmowers - also siphon fuel from large storage tanks.

* TIP: If you have more than one Super Jiggler™, mark one of the siphon hoses with a tag to use for water only. This will avoid contamination from using the hose in gasoline, diesel or any other liquids.

Home, Auto & Leisure

Empty hot tubs, fish ponds, aquariums, waterbeds, clogged sinks, fountains, birdbaths and above ground pools.Empty shallow water (shake sideways to fill the hose) - tops of tarps, pools baby pools, etc.Transfer fuel for boats. motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, golf carts and other recreational vehicles. * Not for use with salt water aquariums or copper eroding chemicals.


Refuel an aircraft with the Super Jiggler™ as well as siphon the gas from the aircraft when it's time for maintenance! It is easy, fast and safe because one of the best reasons for using the Super Jiggler™ for refueling or removing gas is that the SIPHON won't SPARK.


Super Jiggler™ can be used to refuel tractors, four-wheelers, lawnmowers and also to clean and empty stock tanks and horse troughs. Siphoning gas has never been easier!


Super Jiggler™ siphons almost all liquids, including water, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fertilizer, insecticides, thinners,paints, solvents and lubricants to the thickness of 20 grade oil.

Use For: Gas - Oil - Hot Tubs - Ponds - Stopped-up Sinks - Jet skis - Toilets - Snowmobiles - Aquariums - Stock Tanks - Lawnmowers - R/V's - ATV's - Waterbeds - 55 Gallon Drums - Plumbing - Blocked Drains - Spas - Motorcycles - Aviation - Gas Cans - Farm/Ranch Equipment - Workshops - Boats - Washers - Swimming Pools.

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